What happens if major repairs or concerns are identified during the inspection?

In general, all homes we purchase must be ready to move-in, though we're able to make some exceptions.

Our goal is to find you a home you love. Most pre-loved homes require some TLC, so we can support you to make many repairs and upgrades.

When it comes to the major repairs, our rule is that we won't be able to purchase a home that requires major repairs that impact safety, structure, or live-ability.

In some situations, customers may want to purchase a property with a need for known and quantifiable repairs before move-in, e.g a bathroom renovation and in these situations, we can work with you to coordinate the right tradespeople to make repairs before or soon after move-in.

If these are repairs that are known before move-in and you still want the property to be yours, remediation costs will be agreed between us, and incorporated into the pre-agreed OwnHome purchase price.